2021-22 Executive Leadership Book Recommendations

Another year brings another valuable list of book recommendations from executive leaders around the industry! Each executive leader has their own profile with recommendations from 2021-22 as well as any past recommendations.

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If you’re an AD or Commissioner who has yet to respond with the best book(s) you read last year, please email anthony@driveandcompany.com.

Book Spotlights

Two titles received three recommendations from executive leaders, the most of this year’s list.

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson also received three recommendations last year. The following three ADs selected this book.

Candice Lee

Jill Bodensteiner

Tanya Vogel

The New York Times bestseller, How The Word Is Passed, also earned three recommendations.

Chris Clunie

Bernadette McGlade

Nicki Moore

Last year’s most recommended book, No Time for Spectators earned another pair of recommendations in 2021.

Dave Heeke

Brian White

The most recommended author this year was Jon Gordon, with five recommendations for four different titles.

Bob Moosbrugger

David Herbster

Scott Carr

Earl Edwards

Daniel Feig