D1.dossiers & D2.dossiers

Why invest in dossiers? (Note: Examples below)

  • Save hours upon hours researching AD and executive level openings…we’ve already done the work for you!
  • Solves: 1) Should you pursue the job?; 2) If so, prepare for your interview; and, 3) You got the job! Use the dossier to help strategically plan your first 90 days.
  • Just $299 per year to receive a comprehensive dossier for every open AD job over a 12-month period.

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  • Le Moyne
  • Missouri State
  • Northwestern
  • Portland State
  • Wright State


  • “Possessing information lacks true value if it’s not pertinent, and D1.dossier offers a competitive advantage because it provides the right information to prospective candidates to help them prepare for an interview and the job itself when hired. I developed my unique outline to help get ready for my interviews at Ball State while using the D1.dossier feature. I found the information to be relevant and comprehensive. D1.dossiers is a must-have resource for college coaches and administrators.” – Jeff Mitchell, Director of Athletics at Ball State
  • “On the front end of the process, the information provided by D1.dossier saved me at least 12 hours of research time. I was able to use those hours to not only prepare my interview responses, but also to continue to do my current job at a high level. Undoubtedly, it helped me land my first AD opportunity, and furthermore, on the back end of the process, the D1.dossier information has helped me to be very effective the first thirty days in the chair.” – Andrew Goodrich, VP & Director of Athletics at Gardner-Webb
  • “It allowed me to focus on prep work, and not the research needed to pull it together. Worth every penny!” – Brian Mann, Director of Athletics at William & Mary
  • “It was a wonderful tool to provide a ‘first look’ behind the curtain at the University, particularly beyond Athletics. It really helped me better understand the ‘voice’ on campus behind the numbers that I was able to pull. I also found great value in your log of presidential communication and archive of news narratives.” – Josh Looney, Director of Athletics at North Alabama
  • “It was incredibly helpful and informative for me when going through the interview process.” – Adrian Dowell, Director of Athletics at Nebraska Omaha
  • “The D1.dossier was very helpful in my preparation for interviews. Having so much information compiled in a readable format made me very confident throughout the search process. As part of my campus visit to CSUB, I participated in an open forum with university and local constituents. In conjunction with the open forum, I was asked to make a presentation about the state of affairs for CSUB Athletics and the future for CSUB Athletics. The D1.dossier helped prepare me for the open forum and I used information from the D1.dossier to develop my presentation.” – Kyle Conder, Director of Athletics at Cal State Bakersfield
  • “It really helped me consolidate some research. I don’t know how many hours, or days, of research it saved me from finding information to the right links, but it was hours at a minimum and probably a day or two in total.” – Jude Killy, Director of Athletics at Maine