What is the FOIA Directory?

As part of our reporting work, we end up obtaining all kinds of documents via Open Records Requests. Those documents include things like coaching contracts, athletic director contracts, shoe deals, NIL consulting contracts, major vendor agreements, and itemized athletic department budgets.

In an effort to better assist our D1.classroom partners (who may want to use the documents for research or educational purposes), and to help our fellow reporters and citizens, we are making those documents available via our FOIA Directory.

The Directory is currently sorted by document type, along with a large TO BE SORTED folder. We will update the TO BE SORTED folder at least once a week. We have hundreds and hundreds of documents here, and categorizing everything does take time.

Who has access to the FOIA Directory?

The FOIA Directory is behind a paywall, but all premium Extra Points subscribers and all D1.classroom partners can access the directory at the link below:

Where can I access the FOIA Directory?

Please insert the email address you used to sign up for D1.classroom below to receive access.