What is D1.classroom?

D1.classroom is a curriculum support service, which we believe will benefit instructors and students alike.

The entire D1.classroom package includes:

  • Access to Collegiate Sports Connect, a private networking service for college sports industry professionals
  • Access to all D1.ticker publications, including D1.ticker, D2.ticker, D3.ticker and NAIA.ticker
  • Classroom discussion questions, based on current events and across all levels of college athletes, emailed once a week
  • Access to the FOIA Directory
  • Access to Athletic Director Simulator 4000
  • Access to multiple industry case studies, written by industry professionals, as well as lesson plan suggestions

The D1.classroom package is meant to help make the college athletics industry more accessible to students, to help them secure employment after graduation, and to give them relevant, interesting, and affordable information about the biggest issues in the industry today.

D1.classroom serves well over 2,800 students, from large institutions like South Carolina, Washington, and Louisville, to smaller institutions like North Florida, Elon, and Seattle.

Current pricing is just $25 per student, with additional discounts available for department or institutional pricing. This is meant to be far less than the cost of a textbook or other premium curriculum support services.

Check out more that is included in D1.classroom like our Athletic Director Simulator 4000 or our FOIA Directory.

For more information about D1.classroom, and how we can be a partner for your Sports Management, Sports Media or Sports Business class, feel free to reach out at d1classroom@d1ticker.com

Current D1.classroom clients can access their coursework material, including curriculum support and case studies below. Please insert the email address you used to sign up for D1.classroom below to receive access.