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Why promote your job opening on Coaches.wire?

  • Audience: Proactively push your job opening out to more than 48,000 coaches from all divisions of college athletics via the industry-essential Coaches.wire email (all coaches from the NCAA DI, DII, DII, NAIA, NJCAA, CCCAA, NWAC and NCAAA ranks)
  • Relevance: Job openings are promoted in the same email (Coaches.wire) where coaches are consuming personnel updates from their respective sport
  • Active & Passive: Promote your opening to active and passive job seekers…you never know when your opening may catch someone’s eye who didn’t think they were in the market to explore a new opportunity!
  • Word of Mouth: Passive job seekers can also be excellent indirect marketers, informing their colleagues of open jobs in their respective sport
  • Length: Jobs are posted for 30 days